TomTom is promising customers will have even fewer excuses to be late after adding several new enhancements and features to its TomTom traffic software on its LIVE-enabled GPS devices.

"TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 offers more-precise information about roadworks, road closures and jam locations, helping drivers to get to their destinations faster," TomTom says.

According to the company, the location of traffic jams on motorways and highways will now be reported five times more accurately than with the previous version of TomTom HD Traffic, and up to 15 times more precisely than industry standard Traffic Message Channels (TMC).

TomTom's plans to rid your city of traffic

There is also a greater emphasis on keeping track of roadworks and road closures. TomTom says its own in house tests have already shown that up to 65 per cent more closed roads are identified when using TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 compared to HD Traffic 5.0. and up to 90 per cent of roadwork reports that come from government and journalistic sources are now corrected automatically by TomTom’s updated service.

HD Traffic 6.0 is available as part of TomTom LIVE Services. Customers who already have LIVE Services are automatically upgraded to HD Traffic 6.0 free of charge. 

The new features have already gone live in Germany and The Netherlands, and will be available in 23 countries, including the UK, before the end of 2012.