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(Pocket-lint) - With London’s traffic likely to be thrown into chaos during the London 2012 Olympics, mapping specialists TomTom and CoPilot are updating their navigation providers to help users avoid congestion hot spots.

TomTom has set aside a task force to continually update its mapping service, while CoPilot will highlight areas that are affected or closed because of the Olympics. 


TomTom is predicting that 28 July will be the worst affected day in terms of traffic as thousands descend on the capital to watch the various sporting events of London 2012.

Users will be able to download the latest road changes to their TomTom device at 6pm the night before, enabling them to plan their journey and how best to avoid getting caught up in the congestion. 

The changes will be made available instantly via TomTom’s Map Share facility which enables TomTom users to personalise their maps, share information with fellow users and receive all the latest road changes as and when they happen. 

CoPilot Live Premium’s service will also be updated, highlighting restricted roads according to the Olympic Route Network (ORN) while it's ActiveTraffic service will monitor real-time road speeds so drivers can best plan their route.

Points of interest relevant to London 2012 as well as venues of where the events are taking place will all be marked for the users attention, should they wish to partake in the festivities.

Of course if the thought of endless traffic jams and hordes of enthusiastic tourists is filling you with dread, you could always book a holiday instead.

How are you planning on combating the London 2012 congestion? Give us your tips in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan.