With the summer set for a bucketload of sporting action, TomTom has released its Summer map update that provides specific points of interest (POI) and information for cities and specific locations.

TomTom is catering for those sports fans lucky enough to have tickets for the European football championships in Poland and the Ukraine or the Olympics in London. 

Stadiums and venues, whether temporary or permanent, have all been added to the map to help visiting supporters and fans avoid missing the action as a result of getting lost or not being able to find the event. 

tomtom prepares for euro 2012 and london olympics image 2

In the past 12 months, TomTom has added 1.5 million kilometers of new roads to its global map, stretching as far afield as Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa and Indonesia.

TomTom’s Summer maps will come preinstalled on all new TomTom devices, while existing customers can receive the update through its Map Update Service.

Sports fans are not the only group of people to have benefited from a TomTom update. The navigation experts recently unveiled a device specifically for caravan and camper van enthusiasts.

Have you received your TomTom Summer map update? What do you think?