Homer isn't the only Simpson character available to guide you home now - Marge and Mr Burns voice packages are hitting TomTom too.

A deal between Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand Division and Locutio Voice Technologies sees Mrs Simpson take on her latest profession as a navigator (she's been a cop, an estate agent and an erotic baker don't forget) and sees Charles Montgomery doing what he does best - barking out orders.

The Marge instructions are, as you'd expect, pretty irritating but we do like the idea of driving around with Mr Burns. He says stuff like; "Take the third right. Do it, driving monkey!" and "Take the exit on the right. Trust me - I'm an evil billionaire." Excellent.

By becoming TomTomites, Marge and Monty join a long and distinguished list of famous voices that includes Spongebob Squarepants, Jeremy Clarkson, Brian Blessed, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and C3PO.

The new Simpsons based voices are available for £3.49 as in-app purchases on iPad or iPhone or £7.95 as a direct download for your TomTom satnav from mytomtom.com.