TomTom is to update its iOS apps with a rather significant twist, adding Facebook and Twitter integration that pulls directions from the networks. This means you could use the app to navigate straight to a party or other Facebook event from within the TomTom app.

Similarly a friend's tweet mentioning directions can be located and navigated to straight from TomTom. Say your going to be late, then the app will let you announce your location and expected arrival time through social networks or even via sms. 

Facebook contacts that publish home addresses on their pages can also be navigated to via TomTom, making it easier to nip over to a mates house in the car. Not great for those worried about privacy related issues and address sharing, but convenient for those who don't mind. 

Unfortunately we don't have an exact date for the new app update other than that it will be appearing in the next few months. Once we know when it is due to arrive then we will, of course, be the first to let you know. 

Until then why not take a look at our hands-on with TomTom's iPad app here