The TomTom App for iPhone 1.9 updated has now hit the App Store, bringing full, optimised support for iPad with it. As Pocket-lint detailed in a "pictures and hands-on" piece in September, the new upgrade is a free download for existing TomTom App customers and comes with a new map release that works across all iDevices.

The iPad, however, benefits the most as it offers a higher resolution and an enhanced user interface to fit the larger screen size. Plus, the extra footprint afforded by the full-screen display can show both driving view and advanced lane guidance at the same time.

Its new map includes road updates, refreshed fixed speed camera locations and points of interest, and version 1.9 of the app is now fully compatible with iOS 5.

For those who don't own the app already, it is available on the App Store for £49.99 and includes UK and Republic of Ireland maps. TomTom's proprietary HD Traffic service is also available as an in-app purchase. As are alternate voice files including Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, Yoda and C3PO.

If you already have a TomTom HD Traffic and Speed Cameras subscription on your iPhone, you can switch it to the iPad for free.