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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has done a deal with Transport for London to get more detailed London traffic info into its HD Traffic service.

TFL will provide TomTom with its traffic data - so TomTomers will have access to information such as where road works are taking place, where accidents have happened, temporary road closures (handy come Olympic-time) and where traffic is likely to be disrupted.

They'll also get the severity of the delays thanks to TFL's 360 mile red route network in London and information fed into its control centre by London’s 7,500 buses, event organisers and road works contractors combined with speed data tracked from connected TomTom devices and Vodafone mobile phone handsets.

"It’s been proven that stress caused by driving can be hazardous to your health” says Helene Raad, traffic business development manager at TomTom. 

"With the addition of Transport for London’s data in to the latest version of TomTom HD Traffic we can provide even more detailed traffic incident reports helping you to steer clear of traffic jams, and avoid the accompanying negative side effects to your health."

TomTom recently launched version 5.0 of the HD Traffic software, adding information on automatic road closures to pinpoint the exact section of the route that’s disrupted as well as improved standstill detection.

The TFL update should be beamed over to TomTom HD Traffic subscribers automatically for free. Potential new users can head over to www.tomtom.com/services to take a look at the various Live packages on offer.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.