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(Pocket-lint) - In-car navigation leader TomTom announced the expansion of its HD Traffic service to all “Live” series TomTom models available in the United States hoping to achieve the same results its seen elsewhere in the world.

Previously only available on the GO 2535 M LIVE navigation unit in the US, HD Traffic provides detailed driving information and alternative routes based on real-time conditions.  

If 10 per cent of taxi drivers in New York City used HD Traffic, could congestion down Second Avenue really be avoided? According to TomTom, yes.  

The announcement comes coupled with TomTom’s Traffic Manifesto designed to reduce gridlock worldwide using tools like HD Traffic. The company launched the initiative citing that it only takes around 10 per cent of drivers using HD Traffic to create a “collective effect,” which will minimize traffic for everybody. 

Present at the event held in New York and attended by Pocket-lint, TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn described the Traffic Manifesto in a statement saying, "For many drivers, traffic congestion has become inevitable. We think it's time to challenge conventional thinking with a working solution to reduce traffic congestion on a large scale."

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As part of the Traffic Manifesto, TomTom is extending the HD Traffic feature to owners of the GO 740 LIVE, the XL 340 LIVE and the GO 2535 M LIVE. The company also announced a price reduction in the service from $119.95 a month to $59.95 a month. Beyond providing real-time traffic conditions and routing, the service offers dynamic features like local search, fuel prices, and weather forecasts accessible from the navigation unit.

“We are thrilled to expand availability of TomTom HD Traffic to more drivers in the U.S.,” said Tim Roper, President, TomTom. “Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic will typically experience travel times reduced by up to 15 per cent, helping them get to their destinations faster and be more relaxed along the way.”

In a demo, a TomTom representative emphasized the company’s dedication to providing detailed traffic information on major roads as well as secondary roads within the US road network. Users can access HD Traffic from a computer, zoning in on problem areas highlighted in red and exploring alternative routes or secondary streets. HD Traffic also taps into historical traffic information to give users an advanced look at what traffic might look like on a certain date and time. HD Traffic routes can also be explored from the Live series GPS navigators 

With the widespread use of smartphones with their navigation solutions, it seems like TomTom aims to differentiate by offering high end hardware designed specifically for use in a car as well as features like HD Traffic, made more accessible per today's announcement.  

Writing by Lydia Leavitt.