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(Pocket-lint) - Homer Simpson is making his way to your iPhone, courtesy of the TomTom app following an update to version 1.7.

Yep, that's right - everyone's favourite yellow idiot is treading the path of such dignitaries as Yoda, Brian Blessed and, er, Dora the Explorer by providing his dulcet tones to the navigation platform and thus infuriating passengers up and down the land.

When we say "his dulcet tones" we, of course, mean Dan Castellaneta's - the man behind the voice. At least we'd hope so, what with it being a Twentieth Century Fox approved app.

"Homer Simpson is one of the most familiar and fondly recognised cartoon characters on the planet, said lain Pakiry, senior vice president for marketing at TomTom.

"So to have Homer become uniquely available for our TomTom App for iPhone is really thrilling for us. We believe Homer will bring lots of fun and enjoyment to millions of fans around the world, as drivers’ very own co-pilot.

"Homer’s skills will help keep drivers and fans entertained in a light hearted and familiar way. It’s exciting to have him on board."

The voice works with TomTom for iPhone 1.7+ but costs £3.49. D'oh.

Homer's not the only new addition to the 1.7 update. TomTom has also added TOMTOM SPEED CAMERAS - an enhancement on the current offering that lets you actively monitor fixed cameras and mobile speed cameras in real time rather than based on the data that's available at the time of the last map update. It will be available either as a 1 month or year subscription. 

The update also includes the latest and most up-to-date map.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.