The age of the connected car cometh, and as such TomTom is attempting to stay in the running with the launch of the High Speed Multi-Charger.

The new TomTom charger is able to power-up three devices in your car, "up to four times faster than "other chargers", so the company states.

Where some other chargers on the market might deliver, for example, a 2.1 amp charge this can be spread over different ports, the power being diluted between them. TomTom hopes to persuade you with a dedicated 1.2 amp USB charging port as well as a dedicated 2.1 port for juicing up those power-happy tablets and smartphones.

"The new High Speed Multi-Charger is the first TomTom accessory that enables users to charge their  satnav device and other mobile devices at the same time - such as their phone or a power-hungry portable DVD player - and to charge them faster than with other chargers," says Corinne Vigreux,  managing director at TomTom."

Add to this a handy 12V port for gadgets such as in-car DVD players and you've got, what looks to be, a pretty comprehensive device.

The TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger is available now priced at £19.99.