TomTom has pulled the covers off its philanthropic Traffic Manifesto, with aims to reduce traffic congestion for the good of all mankind. Underpinning the Traffic Manifesto is TomTom’s HD Traffic, which today saw itself updated to version 4.0 of the system.

The Traffic Manifesto, outlined by TomTom’s CEO Harold Goddijn, states that “Our traffic technology is currently used by over 1 million drivers via smartphone, TomTom personal navigation devices and in future via in-dash systems”.

The interesting thing is the use of the term “in future”. We know that TomTom already has in-dash devices with several manufacturers (Renault being the most serious integration), but they go on to state that they will “Build relationships with automotive manufacturers with the goal of having TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system as standard on in-dash navigation systems”.

Interestingly, Harold Goddijn made reference to an announcement that will be made at the 2010 Paris Motor Show (2-17 October) in passing during today’s Traffic Manifesto announcement, mentioning "an adaption of the system". Could we see HD Traffic coming to in-dash devices next week? Or will it be a new deal with a new car manufacturer? Previous rumours have suggested that TomTom is nearing an announcement and corroborates the Paris Motor Show timing.

On the smartphone front, TomTom has previously been coy answering questions on whether there will be a TomTom for Android app, but again its Traffic Manifesto suggests it is on the road map: “Make our technology available on leading mobile platforms. We aim to have millions of people using TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system via smartphones”.

Speculation perhaps, but it’s clear that TomTom is thinking out of the PND box.

UPDATE: It seems that details of TomTom Carminat Live have been appearing on some car websites covereing details of the updated Renault Laguna being launched at the Paris Motor Show. Nothing official from TomTom or Renault, but this looks like a dead cert. (Thanks mvl)