TomTom has announced that it will send every customer who has already bought the TomTom car kit a free adapter to make the windscreen cradle work properly with the new Apple iPhone 4.

In an unprecedented move, the GPS maker won't charge people for the small plastic dongle, instead has agreed to send out the new widget free of charge.

"I can confirm that TomTom has worked hard to ensure your iPhone 3 car kit will work with your new iPhone 4, and we have designed an adaptor which we will be providing free of charge to all of our current car kit customers who need one...more details to follow!" TomTom tweeted via a series of tweets from it's official account before launching a dedicated page on its website.

"In order to have your car kit for iPhone work with iPhone 4, you need the adapter for iPhone 4. This is included in our packaging from September 1st 2010. If you have bought a car kit before September 1st 2010, you can claim your adapter here." The company says on it's website with a link to email them your details.

You will be able to do so from 10 September 2010.

Although the iPhone 4 will work in the TomTom Car Kit, TomTom confirmed to Pocket-lint at a one-two-one briefing during IFA that the situation wasn't perfect and that the company was in the process of fixing that.

It seems we now have our fix.

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