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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has announced the launch of a new model and a whole new range at IFA, on Thursday.

The new model will be the TomTom Go Live 1005, while the new range will go under the moniker of the TomTom Via.


The TomTom Go 1005 will be virtually identical to the newly launched TomTom Go Live 1000, but before you panic, thinking that you've just bought an out of date model, it really just amounts to a screen bump to 5 inches.

The new model will come with the latest TomTom software, along with faster routing capabilities and aimed at the "Road warrior", according to the navigation company.

It will also come with 12 months of the brilliant HD Traffic service for free.

Meanwhile, the TomTom Via range will be aimed at "comfort drivers". What does that mean? Well, according to TomTom, you're a comfort driver if you are someone who wants the extra comfort a TomTom GPS could bring to a journey.

Although not directly replacing the company's XL range, it will sit in the middle offering something to this new "demographic"

But because it's not aimed at "Road warriors" doesn't mean it's not feature packed. TomTom says the new Via range will come with Bluetooth and a handsfree speaker; speech recognition, so you can give the device requests; and an accelerometer, so you can mount it on your windscreen or your dashboard - with the device automatically knowing which way is up.

Furthermore, to make things easier, the stand is built into the device, and don't worry it's still very thin.

No word on pricing, as yet, but we would expect it to cost around the same price as the XL which currently sells in the UK for around £160 - just don't hold us to that.

Driving towards a car near you sometime before Christmas.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.