It started as a bit of fun, but it seems people really do want Brian Blessed to voice their satnav after a Facebook "campaign to get Brian Blessed on my sat nav" has resulted in talks between TomTom and the actor being opened.

"talks have opened with Brian!!" TomTom tweeted on Friday via its official Twitter account.

The satnav company had said that if 25,000 people signed up to the campaign they would see what was possible.

25,452 members later and the GPS company is keeping good to its word.

Blessed, who stared in Flash Gordon, has even done a video with the founders of the group to show what you should expect.

Worryingly, the drivers in the video created by the group to show what was possible, end up kicking him out because his directions just aren't that helpful. Still, any satnav that starts with "Drive, my Hawkmen" has got to be worth a closer look.

Those not that interested in the booming tones of Blessed could opt for a character from Star Wars. TomTom is already offering Master Yoda and Darth Vader, and says it has more voices planned over the next couple of months.

Whose voice would you like barking directions at you? Have your say in the comments below: