Are you called Tom? Good, you're half way there. Is your dad or your son called Tom? If so, then you could nab yourself a free TomTom Start2 satnav.

As part of a father's day promotion TomTom UK is looking for all TomTom father and son combinations. If you're part of a TomTom partnership then get yourself over to TomTom's twitter page and follow the instructions.

Also, if you retweet the following message you can also enter a competition to win a TomTom GO Live 1000:

“For #Father'sDay in the UK TomTom is giving away free satnavs to Toms who have a dad called Tom. Retweet to enter a comp for a GOLive1000!!”

If you know of any TomToms then let them know. Or if your name isn't Tom, but your dad or your son's is then you could always change your name by deed pole. Just a thought.