TomTom has revealed that it is going to give new customers a years free access to its LIVE services. Plus the satnav giant has also stated that after the gratis year, subscription costs will be halved to £47.50.

You can take advantage of this promotion by getting yourself XL LIVE, a GO 550, GO 750 LIVE or GO 950 LIVE satnav.

There's nowt more annoying than sitting in traffic for hours, especially when the technology is available so as you don't have to. LIVE services offer real-time updates including live HD traffic updates, so as you can avoid traffic jams, and mobile and Gatso camera alerts to stop you getting done (although you shouldn't be speeding anyway).

There's also local Google search, and smart petrol prices which will let you know where to fill up that bit cheaper and there's also weather forecasts.

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