TomTom has announced a new flagship model on Tuesday hoping to keep one step ahead of the competition.

In a first for the company, the new model, the TomTom Go Live 1000, will move towards a more "iPhone"-like design, feature a capacitive touchscreen and ARM 11 500Mhz processor. Other specs include 128MB RAM, 4GB of storage, Broadcom GPS, and a 3-hour battery. 

Rather than a clip for the windscreen holder, the unit will feature a magnet on the back so they can easily detach it before they leave the car.

The new model, which fits in above the current flagship, the TomTom Go 950, will be based on the webkit platform for a new user interface and the ability to add more features above and beyond the current feature set.

"It's been completely redesigned for connectivity", a TomTom spokesperson told Pocket-lint.

The software and service delivery platform have been optimised for rapid integration of third party applications says the company, as well as offering localised services to match the needs of specific markets or applications.

That means features like auto adjusting volume based on the car noise, or creating your own menus to suit the way you use the device, rather than how TomTom feels you should.

According to the GPS maker, the back end server systems have been completely redesigned, allowing rich content and downloadable applications, via cable or over the air, to be delivered to the devices as the company looks to future proof its devices beyond the latest model.

In an attempt to, perhaps, justify its flagship status, the new model will come with 12 months of LIVE services, including the very good TomTom HD Traffic that helps you avoid jams. IQ routes will be included as well.

Available in 33 countries (with Live services that will go live in the new countries in June, around Europe from the summer) pricing has yet to be set.

In related news, TomTom has told the markets that it's turned around a 37 million euro loss into a 3-million euro profit in its latest earning results.