(Pocket-lint) - Ember newest product, the Travel Mug 2 has a much more efficient and long lasting battery than its predecessor, and now it's available in the UK. 

While the first gen Travel Mug managed to keep a drink at temperature for two hours, the latest model adds an additional hour, taking you up to that three hour mark before the battery dies. 

As well as adding a much better battery, the Travel Mug 2 also features a new way to control temperature, with a range of 50 degrees C to 62.5 degrees C.

The previous model had a base that rotated to turn the temperature up and down, but the new model has a seamless outer surface, opting for touch sensitive '+' and '-' controls on the side instead, making the construction more solid.


There's also an updated charging coaster with a new, more refined design: it's a sleek oval this time instead of being a relatively chunky rectangle. 

Apart from that, it's much the same as the last model. It can keep your coffee warm all day if you have it stood on its charging base, and the 360-degree leakproof lid ensures you don't spill your drink. 

To open it, like before, you push it down to form an opening. And because it's 360-degrees, you don't have to mess about trying to find a tiny opening. It'll also go to sleep automatically once it's empty. 

For those who don't know Ember: it's a company that makes smart, connected mugs (travel and regular open top) which you then connect to your smartphone to control the temperature. 

Rather than let your drink get cold quickly - like a lot of reusable cups - or keep your coffee too hot for too long like a vacuum flask, the Ember Travel Mug lets you set the precise temperature that you want, and then keeps it there consistently.

For an idea of how it works, check out our video below. 

Travel Mug 2 is still expensive, just like its predecessor. It's available to buy direct from Ember for $179.95/£179.95, or you can head over to Amazon to check out the offer there.  


Writing by Cam Bunton.