Walk into any department store, and you'll probably find Ted Baker lurking in some corner - not the man: the designer label. Now Ted has decided to camp things up a bit.

Endurance is emblazoned all over a whole range of Ted Baker clothing. I've always seen this as the sort of endurance you need to survive another boring meeting. In contrast, Speedo also have an Endurance range. I don't think the two are connected. Anyhow, I digress.

Ted Baker Endurance has launched a range of camping gear. Sorry? Say that again? It's an April fool, surely? No, it is actually happening. Now you can take your designer prints to a local campsite.

The range includes tents, sleeping bags and folding chairs and is available through Blacks - long time purveyor of all things camping. The tents start at a very reasonable £89.99, and sleeping bags at £49.99 with the chairs at £29.99.

It's always encouraging to see newcomers in the outdoors world; what will be next - Jimmy Choo walking boots?