(Pocket-lint) - We wouldn't normally feature a bicycle here on Pocket-lint, unless it was made from gold or is an electric bike. But setting eyes on the Ted Baker collection, memories of loved Raleigh road bikes from the 80s came flooding back.

So please indulge us, there's little tech here. There's no carbonfibre, there's no app, no intregrated powermeter and no electric shifters, but look closely and you'll find that this is a charming retro ride that's been Tedified. As with all things Ted Baker the devil is in the detail.

The Ted Baker collection has been created in collaboration with Quella, a company best known for its fixie or single speed bikes. Quella is no stranger to retro design, so the pairing makes sense. But Ted Baker's bikes aren't single speed, instead fitted with Campagnolo Athena 11-speed components. There's a finish to the groupset that shines, much like the rest of the bike, that aids its retro ambitions.

The frame itself lends most of the retro looks, thanks to its geometry and the use of steel. Yes, this is a skinny-framed bike that looks like a heritage racer, rather than an alloy-composite fusion designed to be lightweight and speedy.

The steel frame is then copper plated in parts, notably on the front forks and the rear chain and seat stays. This is then all laquered to give it that shine; we love the gold Ted Baker lettering and front fishy logo. Ted's story around these bikes is about following the river and yes, each model is named after a fish.

You'll find quality components used, like the mentioned Campagnolo groupset and the Dia Compe brakes, but there's also a leather Brooks saddle and Mavic wheels that complete the package.

Yes, this is a £1995 retro road bicycle, but we can't help thinking it looks pretty handsome. The Ted Baker collection from Quella is available for pre-order, expected to arrive on 7 September.

Writing by Chris Hall.