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(Pocket-lint) - London Fashion Week isn't just about designer clothing, it's about designer gadget wear too. One of the latest Ted Baker branded Spring-Summer 2013 iPhone cases - made in collaboration with Proporta - has landed in the Pocket-lint offices to strut its stuff.

Long-time fans of Brit designer Ted Baker will be familiar with the trademark coloured stripe designs, although the "Slimtim" iPhone 5 case we've got our mitts on is a mixture of printed blue paisley, square-diamonds and horizontal stripes. It sure is a loud and proud design.

Pocket-lintted baker slimtim iphone 5 case by proporta pictures and hands on image 8

The case itself is plastic, but the smooth exterior almost feels soft when it's removed from the packaging. Paired with the iPhone 5 and it fits like a snug, tailor-made suit jacket - although, with its black interior and loud patterned exterior, it's more like a Ted Baker suit flipped inside out.

On the front to the lower centre is the usual "Ted Baker London" emblem but it too is printed. A bit of a shame it's not a raised emboss or even a different material to really stand out that much more.

Pocket-lintted baker slimtim iphone 5 case by proporta pictures and hands on image 2

If you're after a striking fashionista case to secure your iPhone 5 then the latest Ted Baker range sure does tick all the boxes.

The Slimtim, despite the name's connotations, is priced at £29.95, while options for iPad Mini and iPad are also available for £34.95 to £39.95 respectively.

The full range includes men's and women's lines with designs ranging from safari animals to tropical parrots, and nautical silhouettes to summer blooms. Check out the Proporta website for the full range to get your early 2013 gadget fashion fix.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 16 April 2013.