Technics had already teased its return to turntables at the IFA electronics show in 2015, but its nameless mock-up model lacked a tone arm and, well, didn't really look much like a turntable at all.

Skip the needle to 2016 and all is revealed: the SL-1200G is the company's revival of its classic series, returning to market five years after parent company Panasonic called time on analogue turntable production.

Featuring a newly designed direct-drive motor, the SL-1200G is designed to appeal to audiophiles and the surge in vinyl interest, but doesn't ditch its DJ appeal thanks to classic ±8% pitch adjustment (which can be set to ±16% via the 2x button; there's a reset 0% pitch-lock button too).

The new twin-roto surface-facing direct-drive motor is said to avoid 'cogging' - caused by the tiny vibrations of the motor and rotational speed fluctuations - thanks to rotary positioning sensors and a microprocessor control system for the best possible sound quality.

The new platter, which is brass-topped, is said to be better than broadcast industry standard, built of heavyweight brass and aluminum die cast, with a deadening rubber covering to eliminate resonance. That until-now absent tonearm is built from aluminium to ensure top quality, but you'll need to get your needle research to buy a decent cartridge to complement.

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of Technics there will also be a limited-edition SL-1200GAE run in the summer (as pictured), complete with magnesium tonearm and limited serial number plate (aptly restricted to 1,200 units worldwide), before the standard model goes on sale later in the year.

No final word on price just yet, but we don't suspect the seventh SL-1200 model will be a budget buy by any means.