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(Pocket-lint) - Serious audiophiles listen up, after 6 years, Panasonic has confirmed that it will be bringing the Technics name back from the dead and release a series of new Hi-Fi products from December in Europe so you can relive the "good old days".

The audio brand that used to be lusted over in the eighties and nineties by those trying to build the perfect sounding system is back once again, this time with two new systems to get audiophiles salivating. The new products are based on a concept that Panasonic is calling the ‘Technics Definitive Sound’.

Technics says it will initially launch two series of products: the R1 reference-class system, and the premium-class C700 system that delivers "emotionally-engaging music with a refined style."

The brand is likely to have its work cut out though with sales of Hi-Fi separates falling, as consumers continue to flock to easier to manage and set up compact wireless connected systems that let you stream all the music you want at the press of a button and are controlled via an app.

Technics hasn't detailed the price of the new bits of kit, which include speakers, amps, and even a compact disc player (how retro), but expect them to be very good at serving a very niche audience keen not to let the good times die.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 3 September 2014.