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(Pocket-lint) - As the year goes on more and more people are getting their Steam Deck orders after a considerable wait.

As well as the Steam Deck, Valve has been working on a docking station to go along with the handheld console. That dock is designed not only to charge the Steam Deck but also to allow it to connect to other displays, an ethernet connection and peripherals. 


But if you were hoping to get a dock to go along with your Steam Deck, the latest update from Valve might be a bit of a disappointment. 

Valve has announced that it has unfortunately had to delay the release of the official Steam Deck Docking Station due to various issues. Those issues include the usual part shortages and manufacturing problems that have plagued the industry in the last couple of years due to COVID. 

The company says it is working to improve the situation and that it will share more on when the dock will launch at a later date, but now it's essentially just a waiting game. 

The good news is that Valve has promised that these delays do not also apply to the Steam Deck itself. So no need to fret if you've pre-ordered but haven't had your console shipped just yet. 

In the meantime, Valve has added a few nice new features to the Steam Deck including adjustable refresh rates, an all-new lock screen for your security and much more besides. All of which are nicely summarised in this video:

Writing by Adrian Willings.