Here's a look at Steam Deck's box art

These symbols warn users to "...not use the shipping box as an umbrella, smash on the ground, or use as a magnet." (image credit: Valve)
Clues at all the possible places you can play with your Steam Deck - on the subway, on a Ferris wheel, in a tent, on the toilet and in a test chamber. (image credit: Valve)
Photos of the box contents also show the Steam Deck will come with a power supply and Valve notes that those will be appropriate to the user's region as well. (image credit: Valve)
Here's a look at the 64GB and 256GB Steam Deck carry-case. Very understated. (image credit: Valve)
The final photo is a shot of the Steam Deck nestled nicely away inside the case. A tease of what's to come at launch. (image credit: Valve)