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(Pocket-lint) - If you're a fan of Star Wars and enjoyed The Force Awakens, you'll likely already have one of Sphero's BB-8 toys or be yearning to get one. Now there's another option, a full scale model of the movie's BB-8 drone you can own.

Spin Master is the toy maker behind the 'life' size BB-8 unit. It features the same floating head as the silver screen's version that stays in one places as the body rolls along. The big toy is just that and as such is made from plastic rather than whatever space metal makes up the 'real' BB-8. On the plus side that makes him easy to transport.

This BB-8 unit comes with its own dedicated controller, rather than using your phone like the Sphero toy does. Beyond the controller there are also voice controls. That means you can call BB-8 over and it will follow you like a loyal pet. It even gives responses of those cool droid sounds we now know and love, when you say its name or use other basic commands.

So how much will a full-sized BB-8 droid that responds to your commands set you back? Apparently Spin Master is pricing it at $150 which is just over £100. When you consider that Sphero's model is already available for £130 it makes waiting for this version to arrive, in the autumn, seem well worth it. Perhaps just go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens another handful of times to tide you over? We plan to.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.