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(Pocket-lint) - The Star Wars Stamp Collection from Royal Mail is officially a thing. While Star Wars fans and stamp collectors are two different grades of geek, these special stickies are going to be hard for both camps to resist.

The Star War stamps will come in 12 variants covering all your favourite characters from films old and new. That means Luke Skywalker and Han Solo but also Kylo Ren and stormtrooper Finn from the new Force Awakens film.

Royal Mail has made collecting the stamps easy enough with various ways of getting all 12 stamps at once. These include a framed X-Wing Bundle with a photo of the ship in the background and stamps on top, a Character Stamp Set with nine leading characters from the Star Wars I to VI and The Force Awakens. But there's more.

There is also a Stamp Souvenir set with a complete collection dated 20 October 2015, or a Presentation Pack with all stamps plus sheets of information exploring the Star Wars universe. Finally there is a Prestige Stamp Book which explores the role Britain played in the making of the films.

Pricing ranges from £7.76 right up to £99. Pre-orders have begun now for an issue date of 20 October. Check out the gallery above for all the stamps and collection options, in photos.

Writing by Luke Edwards.