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(Pocket-lint) - Dolby has announced it will open its first cinema this month in The Netherlands to take on IMAX.

The plan is to use Dolby Vision screen technology in conjunction with its all-surrounding Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Vision has been in the works for years and should now offer high dynamic range images that show shadows and light as you see them in real life.

Initially the first Dolby Cinema in The Netherlands will have 4k laser projectors but the plan is to install the full Dolby Vision system by Spring.

Disney is already heavily involved with Dolby thanks to Dolby Atmos. That's why The Hollywood Reporter's claim that Star Wars VII will be Dolby Vision is highly likely. Previous Star Wars films have been known for trying new technologies so this would make sense.

At the moment Dolby is reportedly in talks with Hollywood studios about making their films Dolby Vision compatible. It will then also need to convince cinemas to install its screens along with Dolby Atmos sound in order to offer the experience. IMAX has managed to do this in some Odeon cinemas while Dolby Atmos is already growing in popularity at cinemas around the world.

Expect to pay more for a Dolby Cinema screening, much like you would at IMAX. Star Wars VII is due out in December 2015 so there should be a Dolby Cinema up and running near you by then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.