Before we describe the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs please be aware that the headline was a joke. Eating wookie meat is not advisable as they're big, hairy and short tempered. But using the tongs for earth meats is fine.

Designed to look like a Lightsaber, these BBQ tongs might not extend quite as far as a "real" Lightsaber but they'll offer enough reach to stop wannabe Jedis burning their digits.

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In between meat flips, or when done, the tongs can have their removable red cover placed on them to look like a short Lightsaber. And, of course, they make the classic noise you'd expect from a Lightsaber. Just be careful you don't get too carried away swinging it about or there could be steak flying all over the garden.

The Lightsaber BBQ Tongs are available now for £20.

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