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(Pocket-lint) - As the merchandise-powered money-making machine known as Disney gets fired up for another Star Wars movie we suspect this lightsaber charger is just the beginning for official products. But what a great way to start.

If this were any more like Darth Vader's lightsaber we'd be afraid to own it in case he lost his and took us for a thief. Telekinetic choke-hold fears aside, this lightsaber replica is made using "high-quality collectible grade craftsmanship" says the site selling it.

The Darth Vader Lightsaber charger comes with red LEDs both to replicate the sabre beam and, with four LEDs on the handle, to show power status. There is an on/off button to start powering your device, which can be anything that charges from USB.

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darth vader lightsaber usb charger makes the force strong with your phone image 2

The battery capacity is 2800mAh so you should get a full charge on most smartphones. It comes with a micro USB cable to top up the lightsaber itself. Now all you need to find are some Jedi robes and a holster. Then you can go to any self-respecting cosplay event safe in the knowledge you'll have enough phone force to photograph every girl dressed as Princess Leia.

The official licensed Darth Vader Lightsaber charger is $50 and available to buy now.

Writing by Luke Edwards.