Not only do you get a set of cufflinks that look somewhat like R2D2, you get a set of cufflinks that looks somewhat like R2D2 that also doubles up as a 2GB USB drive.

"Featuring 2GB of functional storage on each cufflink, let R2D2 keep up with all your documents, data and spreadsheets," reads the blurb on

these aren t the cufflinks you are looking for show you re a fan with star wars r2d2 usb cufflinks image 2

If that wasn't enough to woo you, you can get the back engraved with initials, dates or names for the ultimate in personalisation.

Officially licensed by LucasArts, they can be yours for $200. Those looking for something cheaper can go for a version without the USB drives for a mere $80, but then we know they just wouldn't be the droids you are looking for - sorry we couldn't resist.