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(Pocket-lint) - Tomorrow, on what is being called by Disney Force Friday, a whole stack of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and other merchandise will be unboxed and revealed during an 18-hour livestream marathon on YouTube. However, we already know one of the gadgets that is coming as a movie tie-in.

In fact, Sphero's robotic app-enabled BB-8 droid will be available from midnight tonight, and we doubt there'll be anything that can quite match it for sticking with the theme so superbly.

When the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens hit the internet the world was treated to the first sight of the new, spherical droid that will play an integral part. It also caused a few eyebrows to raise. How does its head stay on when the rest of the wee blighter is just a round ball?

Well, although that remains a mystery for now, Sphero has managed to replicate the new film robot in miniature form and what's more, it can even record messages in holographic form.

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Combined with a dedicated smartphone or tablet app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices, the Sphero BB-8 can record video through an on-board camera which you can change to a virtual hologram on your device. You can then send those and share them with others.

In addition, the BB-8 can be fully controlled through the app but it also recognises your voice and reacts to commands. It has a range of expressions it can display too, accessible through the app, and you can set him off on his own, where he will react to his surroundings.

His personality will also change the more you play with him.

The Sphero BB-8 comes with an inductive charging stand and a full battery charge will last up to an hour of play.

We're still awaiting price details, but hope to have a play with one ourselves soon to give you more details.

The force is, indeed, with this one.

Writing by Rik Henderson.