Sony might have already launched two ebook readers at the beginning of August, but that hasn't stopped the company launching yet another new model as the battle for the ebook market heats up.

The new reader is called the Daily Edition Reader, is priced at $399.99 and will offer a 7-inch touchscreen display and come with built-in 3G connectivity to be able to download books on the go.

Housed in an aluminum casing, the screen will be able to display 30-35 lines of text in portrait mode, while the screen will offer 16 levels of greyscale. It's internal memory will hold more than 1000 ebooks although will come with a memory slot to expand further.

"We are not just one device for one store, but multiple devices for multiple stores", said Steve Haber, president of the digital reading business division at Sony.

In connection with the new reader, Sony has announced the "library finder" that will allow you to download library books in the US directly to any Sony Reader device without having to worry about late fees.

"In 10 years time kids will ask why we read books," commented Haber before confirming that the company is working with newspapers and magazines to have "Daily editions" available for when the new reader launches in the US in December.

The agreement will include content from New York's Public Library for free.

Haber told Pocket-lint that it was not announcing the product in the UK at this time, however Sony has announced the he Reader Pocket Edition and the Reader Touch Edition for the UK on Tuesday.

We will keep you posted.