Borders has announced that it'll be selling a new e-reader from Elonex, called the ebook. It's been specially developed for Borders, and is aiming directly at the Sony Reader.

It comes packed with 512MB of memory - enough for approximately 1000 eBooks - and 100 "classic titles" preloaded. You can also get an accessory pack which includes a 4GB SD card and leather case.

Borders' commercial director, Peter Newbould, said: "Digital bookselling is still in its infancy, but we believe it is here to stay. We were first to market with an e-book reader when we introduced the iRex Iliad last year and (with this release) we hope to bring new customers into the market".

The reader weighs 180 grams and supports ePub and Adobe formats. It has a 180 degree viewing angle, and anti-glare facility. It costs £190 and is available now.