Sony Europe has announced the launch of new Giga Juke hard drive-based hi-fis, with the mid-June debut planned for the NAS-SC500PK and NAS-E300HD.

Angled as a digital jukebox for those whose music collections are scattered across various hardware, the systems are essentially a music server with a wireless player.

The NAS-SC500PK offers a 160GB hard disk drive, with the claim to store up to 1300 hours of music at 256 kbps or 40,000 tracks of MP3 music.

With multi-room functionality, the SC500PK can be hooked up to five client players that can play the same, or different music, in each of the five zones.

Music can be transferred either via cable from your PC, or over your wireless network, and updating will see only new tracks transferred over.

Other features include alphabet search, access to Internet radio from the wireless player, 100W of S-Master digital amplification, SensMe for genre-specific categorisation, USB port and WM-PORT for direct Walkman connection.

The Giga Juke NAS-E300HD gets an 80GB hard disk drive with 60W of amplification. It also has the built-in WM-PORT, and direct CD ripping.

The two systems will go on sale across Europe in mid-June, pricing to be confirmed nearer the time.