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(Pocket-lint) - Sony might have admitted that Apple is winning the MP3 player war, as previously reported on Pocket-lint, but that isn't stopping it from trying to wrestle the crown from Cupertino's shiny white head.

Its latest attempt is the X-Series Walkman, which - you have to admit - is a bit of a looker. It's the first Walkman with an OLED display, which should result in a bright, clear picture and better battery life. That OLED display doubles as a 3-inch 432 x 240 touchscreen, a half-inch smaller than the 3.5-inch display belonging to its main competitor - the iPod touch.

The other big feature is the sound quality. Sony is promising rich, wide bandwidth audio with ultra-low distortion that's more often seen in its hi-fi products, while enhanced stereo separation will also please headphone listeners.

There's also digital noise cancellation, aimed at commuters. Three different settings will apparently cut background noise in planes, buses and trains and in the office. Flyers will also be able to pump the in-flight audio system through the X-series for the same benefit.

Lastly, there's built-in wireless connectivity. Sony promises that users will be able to browse the Internet and watch YouTube - and iPlayer content - directly from the device.

The X-Series will be available from 13 May, and cost £209 for a 16GB model or £279 for a 32GB model.

Writing by Duncan Geere.