Sony has announced a new range of "Xplod" car stereos with USB 1-wire and Bluetooth models. Sony says the USB 1-wire feature means "no more separate ports for different kinds of portable players", whether your music is stored on a USB memory drive, iPod, iPhone or a Walkman, all will connect through the same USB port.

The USB 1-wire will charge digital music players when connected, and lets you control the device from the head unit.

The CD/MP3/WMA/AAC CDX-GT930UI gets added security with a detachable faceplate and offers a 4-line fluorescent display. Other USB 1-wire models in the GT range are the CDX- GT730UI, CDX-GT630UI and CDX-GT530UI.

The integrated Bluetooth in the MEX-BT5700U, MEX-BT4700U and MEX-BT3700U lets you make hands-free calls whilst driving while the MEX-BT4700U model has a "Phonebook Access Profile" option, which transfers your phone book information to its display as well as offering an additional external mic.

In addition, there's "Quick Browser" functionality that lets you find tracks on your portable player, Sony's ZAPPIN for playing clips of songs to find a track quickly and DM+ Advanced that claims to restore fuller sound to compressed tracks.

No pricing or availability has been revealed.