Sony's new W-series Walkman MP3 player boasts "an industrial design that is simple and cord-free".

Aimed at those who want a second MP3-playing device for gyming and jogging and the like, the wire-free, around the head design should appeal.

With 13.5mm EX headphones, the new player gets Sony's "ZAPPIN" tech that, via a jog dial, claims to offer an easy way to negotiate loaded music without a display.

The new player also offers a quick charge feature which allows the device to play back up to 90 minutes of music with a 3-minute charge and up to 12 hours of music with a full charge.

The NWZ-W202 will be available in the States in black and pink, with 2GB of internal storage for around $70.

In the UK the new Walkman will be available in black, pink, green, white and blue with all models currently up for end of March pre-order on SonyStyle for £59.

Photos by Scott Snowden