Sony has launched two new voice recorders, the ICDUX70 and ICDUX80.

Easy direct USB hook-up and the ability to play MP3 music files, as well as a design that isn't


school secretary style should set these a little way apart from other offerings.

Available with 1GB or 2GB capacity, the UX70 and UX80 can record up to 290 hours and 581 hours respectively in long play mode.

As well as MP3 playback, the wee devices can also record music on the move. Stereo recording is captured via the built-in microphone and the MP3 format is transferred to your PC by "drag and drop" USB functionality, without the need for software.

The dicataphones can be deployed as USB mass storage devices and the USB connection also enables direct battery charge for the gadgets.

The ICDUX70 is available in black and pink, the ICDUX80 is available in black and silver. Both models are available from January 2008, pricing not revealed, but they are described as "affordable".