Sony has released details of a new close-up wireless data transfer system.

TransferJet relies on close proximity - 3cm maximum - and will deliver up to 560Mbps when two compliant devices are brought together.

It can select the appropriate data transmission rate according to the wireless environment. As`Sony explains: "Even if the conditions for transmission deteriorate, it will maintain the highest possible wireless connectivity by automatically lowering the data transmission rate".

Sony adds that the new technology promises minimal electromagnetic interference due to the low intensity of the radio waves employed.

It is claimed to be ideal by transferring large data files such as photos, and HD images between electronic devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, digital video cameras, computers and TVs.

Sony says that just touching a TV with a digital camera enables photos to be instantaneously displayed on the TV screen, or downloaded music content can be easily enjoyed by touching a mobile phone to a portable audio player.

Users can register their electronic products to enable TransferJet to recognise specific products. For example, by registering only the devices within their household, users can prevent external data leakage.

Sony adds that it is to actively promote the use of TransferJet across the consumer electronics industry and will itself release "various products and services based on this technology".