Sony has launched a new CD–based car audio and video system, the XAV-W1.

Sony's first double din-sized visual entertainment system, it boasts a Sony-designed 7-inch double WVGA TFT 800 x 480 touch monitor.

Playing DVDs, CDs and Sony's high-quality SACDs it provides 5.1-Channel surround sound option that supports Dolby Digital surround sound and dts Digital Surround Processing playback, along with the JPEG video format, DivX video format, WMA and MP3 audio formats.

MP3 players, PMPs, handheld games machines and camcorders can all be connected to the unit while a rear-monitor camera can be hooked up to display don't-hit-the-curb video.

Sound-wise, the "Zone by Zone" capability means separate audio zones for the front and rear seats can be set up, but if you wanted to share the same sound, the 52 watts across four channels can be "aligned" so that everyone gets the same experience wherever they are sat in the car.

The XAV-W1 unit comes with personalisation features that means the display can be customised, even to the extent of wallpapers on the device's screen.

Other features include the Sony DRIVE-S II that claims to make the head unit resistant to interference from road vibrations and - keep this one under your hat - "Karaoke-Mic" which enables your passengers to enjoy a sing-along of all their favourite songs.

Complete with remote, the XAV-W1 is available throughout Europe this month, pricing not revealed.