Those eager to know just exactly what Sony's mysterious Rolly device is won't have long to wait - all will be revealed on the 10th September. Or as the Google translation of the official blog states:

"September 10th 'Rolly' Special Party is held already immediately the shank! Actually whether the person who views 'Rolly' thinks in some wind, very it is the pleasure!"

Clear as, then. And just about as informative as the rest of the info we've managed to glean from the viral campaign for this product, said to be "designed to extend the function of a Walkman-type device - to create a new category".

We do know it's a digital media player of some sort and offers flashing lights and genuine autonomous movement. "Think of it as a music-focused Wii on wheels" was what one blog managed to get out of their "senior" Sony contacts.

We will of course bring you all the info from the Tokyo announcement on Monday, and until then will leave you with the scrolling "clues" from the Rolly Show viral site to mull over the weekend...

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