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has been "digging deep" into their Sony contacts to try and find out more about the Sony Rolly - the mysterious device from Sony that appeared on video for the first time last week.

Initial rumours put the little gadget in the MP3 player category, but it since appears that it offer much more then just simple music playback: flashing lights and genuine autonomous movement are definitely features.

Digital Lifestyles

reports that "cards are being held very close to the chest about it all over at Sony ... Even the most senior Sony source we spoke to (and yes, they were very senior) had only seen the Rolly once".

They appear to have had the fact that it is a digital media player confirmed - not big news we know, but watching the video didn't make this clear - it could have just have easily been a portable speaker for your MP3, or even a Bluetooth speaker for your Sony Ericsson mobile.

The further suggestion that as well as playing music, it's "designed to extend the function of a Walkman-type device - to create a new category" is about a clear as mud.

"Think of it as a music-focused Wii on wheels" is the most quotable snippet the guys got out of their sources.

The lack of leaks so far, and this stone-walling suggests, as the site speculates, that Sony is taking a leaf out of Apple's book with silence on future products in order to increase the hype. We only hope that the Rolly is worth it...