We recently brought you rumours that Sony was apparently preparing an egg-shaped MP3 player for launch.

The so-called "Rolly" player was said to be Walkman-branded and possibly boasted some kind of movement-related functionality.

Well, it seems the Rolly just got a whole lot more real, as Sony has launched the "Rolly-show" website that appears to promote the new player.

This teaser campaign launched by Sony in Japan gives no details as to what we can expect from the player itself but does confirm its an audio slash entertainment device.

Scrolling keywords on the site such as "communication", "small", "share", "free", "shuffle", and "kurukuru" (apparently meaning to go round and round) will have us all speculating.

The Japanese site suggests a launch on September 10th, although Sony is due to be launching new products at this year's IDA tech trade show at the end of the month - Pocket-lint.co.uk will be there and we will bring you news as we have it.