Rumours suggest that Sony is prepping a new MP3 player to shake up the music player market, described as "eccentric".

To be released under the Walkman branding, the new device is apparently egg-shaped and has the nickname, which we assume is a product code name, of "Rolly".

A leaked video on DailyMotion, since removed (a still shot shown here) apparently gave a brief glimpse of the player doing its stuff.

Other than a few tantalising hints, features for the new player have not been revealed by the rumours.

Its said to have integrated speakers whilst the French source for the news also suggest the player will boast "choreographies" which we assume could means some kind of movement functionality.

The site seems to suggest that Sony could launch the new device at the German IFA tech show in Berlin taking place at the end of the month.

Sony has invited Pocket-lint to a press conference at IFA where they say that "they will be making significant product announcements".

It's been a while since Sony launched a major MP3 offering and crazy though it sounds, a rotund form factor and in-built speakers could be seen as a way to differentiate the range from the ubiquitous iPod.

Pocket-lint will be covering IFA 2007 live from the show floor, so stay tuned.