Sony has announced the launch two new nav-u satnavs at its Media Experience event in Rhodes.

The NV-U72T and NV-U52 include an "all-in-one" cradle and suction cup that folds neatly into the body of the unit for transportation or storage so no cradles or suckers are left on show for thieves to see.

Both models feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen and no buttons, opting instead for on screen controls.

The NV-U52 is pre-loaded with individual country maps stored in its internal 512MB Flash memory. Targeted at international drivers, the NV-U72T is available with 2GB of Flash memory providing route coverage of Europe. Both models also feature a new Memory Stick slot for quick, easy addition of new maps and Points of Interest.

The NV-U72T will come with Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information, however Sony has said that this will be an additional cost for UK customers.

The NV-U72T and NV-U52 will be available throughout Europe from early summer 2007.