Sony has released a new in-car CD tuner and changer, the CDX-GT610U/CDX-GT616U, which is a step-up model from the CDX-GT410U/CDX-GT414U.

Both models are able to play music tracks in MP3, WMA, or AAC formats connected to it via a handy front-panel USB socket. A remote control means that back-seat drivers can choose tracks and adjust volume while songs stored on the portable media player are being played.

The GT series boasts a flip-down panel, and this particular model has a new, larger display. It plays both MP3 CDs as well as regular audio CDs.

Digital audio reproduction goes through a 24-bit D/A conversion, while power is provided by 4 50W S-MOSFET output stages, whatever that may be.

Frequency response extends from 10-20,000Hz, and it boasts a signal to noise performance of better than 120dB for clean reproduction of CD and other digital sources.

Sony promises that this model is the best GT Series head unit yet, thanks to the inclusion of BBE-MP sound processing that restores high-frequency harmonics that get ravaged by MP3 audio files.