First there was the special edition silver K800i mobile phone from Sony Ericsson that Daniel Craig’s Bond uses in the latest film, now there’s the 007 model of Sony’s Micro Vault USB flash drive.

To celebrate the release of the Casino Royale, Sony have decorated a black version of their Micro Vault with the 007 logo, and have loaded Bond content on to it. It comes with a trailer of the film, as well as four high resolution wallpaper images for your computer.

The flash drive incorporates a slide-up style USB connector and offers a storage capacity of 1GB. Included Virtual Expander software allows storage of up to 3x more data than usual.

Casino Royale is based on the first Bond book written by Ian Fleming, and tells the story of how James Bond became the way he is. He meets Le Chiffre, the banker to the world’s terrorists, and has to beat him in a poker game at Casino Royale. The film will be released worldwide on 17 November.