Pocket-lint reported on an unannounced Sony Walkman that cropped up on Play.com's website earlier this month, and now Sony has come clean. It has launched a new series called the NW-S700, the first portable music players from Sony to feature noise-cancelling technology that the company claims cuts down ambient sound by 75%.

The tiny players feature a colour display large enough to display 3-line album art. They come with 13.5 EX headphones that feature built-in microphones designed to neutralise ambient noise.

The battery promises a full 50 hours of playback time, with a 3 minute charge, 3 hours of playback quick charge function, so you should never run out of juice.

Advanced features include the ability to record analogue audio from an audio player without the use of PC, as well as a 5-band equiliser system, and acoustic playback technology.

Accessories for the player, which comes in violet, black, and pink, are be rolled out, and include leather cases, a recording cable and cradle, and a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.

In related news, Sony has also announced plans to develop a video-playing media player to compete with Apple's iPod.