Sony is launching a new series, the NW-E, in its Walkman line of digital audio players.

The budget range comes in six different colours – pink, lime green, blue, violet, silver and black – and in three different storage capacities.

The NW-E boasts a battery with an extra long life of up to 28 hours of listening time and fast-charge capability that provides up to 3 hours of playback from a 3-minute charge.

The new devices support non-DRM-protect AAC files, MP3, WMA, and ATRAC music files.

They’re also compatible with Sony CONNECT online music service and include SonicStage CP software for managing music.

The flash-based players have a built-in 2.0-compatible USB connector, and also function as a data storage device; they are bundled with black or white earbuds.

As for pricing, the blue NW-E002F comes with 512MB and costs $70; the silver or pink NW-E003F comes with 1GB and costs around $100; and the black, violet, or green NW-E005F comes with 2GB and costs around $130.